How Can I Earn Money Directly Paid in My Bank Account/Paytm by Writing Online?

The culture of working from home is gradually becoming more prominent. People simply feel reluctant to go for 9 to 5 jobs that are life destructing and parasitic in nature. 

One of the most peaceful methods of earning money includes working online by creating content for different websites and blogs. 

How to earn money by working as a web writer?

If you have a lure for writing, there is no shortage of online jobs that can help you directly make money in your bank account or Paytm wallet.

1. Apply on job portals

One of the easiest methods to get money for your writing is by getting recruited on a monthly basis by different companies. 

You can apply for home-based jobs on the leading job portals. attach a sample of your writing, expected salary, experience, and Portfolio while filling up the online form.

You will soon get a couple of calls and emails from the companies who is looking forward for home-based writers?

2. Create your own blog

If you have a Flair for writing combined with a lot of knowledge, Creating A blog would quickly help you to make money. 

You can start a beauty, health, fitness, consultancy or any other blog depending on your interest. 

Upload articles on a regular basis and eventually, you will start making money from AdSense directly in your bank account.

3. Login freelance writing websites

The leading websites like Fiverr and upwork help you to monetize your writing and executing a lot of digital marketing stuff. 

You can easily bid on projects and receive your payment on the completion of the tasks. Have a direct talk with the clients, let them have a look at your portfolios and samples. 

Eventually, you will start getting contracts that can help you to become rich by writing.

4. Join content writer groups on social media

The best part of using social media is job creation. People from all over the world create Groups for content writers that have paid well. 

You can apply for writing a single article or taking up a whole lot of projects depending on your capability and interest. In fact, you can also post about your writing skills on these freelancing groups and eventually you will start getting ping from the clients. 

However, you need to be very careful while dealing with them because some of them might come out fraudulent. Ask for an upfront payment if possible.

5. Create a social media page

You can also create a page on Social Media where you can promote your writing skills. State your address and telephone number so that people can contact you in case they have some writing job work. 

Also, show your presence on LinkedIn and Twitter without feeling scared. Creating a page reflects your genuineness.

6. Amazon product reviewer

Amazon quite often requires writers to promote the different products it sells. you can search for the clients needing Amazon product reviewers, have a look at the required pattern, write articles and get paid straight away in your bank account or Paytm wallet. 

In fact, you would find a whole lot of people posting about the job vacancy for Amazon product reviewers in the social media groups. Get in touch with those clients and grab the projects that go a long way.

7. Become an affiliate marketer

Apart from providing information about different things from your own blog, you can also promote certain stuff by getting paid for it. Once your blog starts receiving traffic, people from different brands are going to approach you for reviewing their products. 

Not only they would handover the free samples to you but also a good amount of money would be paid for the promotion done in the form of writing. 

It is quite easy to make a six-figure salary by promoting products through your blogs.

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