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10 Online Jobs for Students That You Can Turn Into a Career or a Business from Home

It is always a good choice to be self-dependent and hardworking. Students who are looking forward to paying their own fees without being a burden for their family have a great choice to work online.

Here are the best online jobs for students that can help you to have a Bright Career and independent today-

Content Writing

If you have been good at writing essays during your school time, content writing is perhaps the most suitable job that can help you to earn some money with ease. 

The website owners and SEO specialists often required home-based freelance writers for particular projects. Just enroll for them to add on to your income levels. 

You can read our full guide on how to make money by writing content.


Carefully listening to audios and then jotting them up is one of the best career options available online. It just requires a person having faster typing speed and a lot of attentiveness. 

You can make up to $25 per hour by simply listening to the speeches and writing them down in documentations.

Online Tutor

It is easy to conduct online classes and pass on your knowledge to the people living in different parts of the world. In fact, in order to have a good living, conducting online classes is a great option for having a fulfilling career.

Social Media Manager

The youth loves to spend time on social media every day. But when it comes to earning money by managing Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, nothing can be more lucrative than that. 

Social media managers can create engaging communities by encouraging people to take action by reading blogs, buying products and signing up for certain posts.

Logo Designer

I am sure that the girls will love this job. If you have been making random designs on the table, walls and papers, being a logo designer is the way to earn some money through your creative skills. 

You will be given the basic idea of the brand and a logo that represents the company will be expected to be designed by you. You can take the help of logo software as well.

Online Influencer

YouTube and social media is a great way to express your thoughts, creativity, and ideas to the mob.

Just create some videos or articles and eventually you will be able to earn through them. As the traffic upsurges, it will start increasing your income.

Virtual Recruiter

Just post jobs for potential employees on social media like LinkedIn, get involved in conducting interviews and receive payment for all the work done. 

Gone are the days when recruiters had to work offline. 

Nowadays you can do the same job online on a part-time basis and make a good income by working from home.

Social Media Page for Selling

Suppose you live in an area where you get a lot of good quality stuff at lower prices. 

Just create a dedicated page for that on social media and start selling goods by listing them online. 

Instagram is a better option for that.

Online Survey

You cannot directly take up this as a future business but certainly, it can help you to earn some money while you are a student. 

Different brands conduct online surveys in order to Captivate more customers. 

You get in the form of gift cards and coupons which are equally exciting for the students.


If you love to edit articles, point out grammatical errors and mold sentences for a better experience, probably being a proofreader is the best job for you. 

Content writers, online websites and Google specialists often require proofreaders as part-time workers. 

If you have great grammar skills, proofreading is a hassle-free career for you. 

Verdict: As long as you want to earn online, there are a hell lot of opportunities for you. Get involved in any of the options that we have listed above and keep your career and life way ahead from the normal.

How Can I Earn Money Directly Paid in My Bank Account/Paytm by Writing Online?

The culture of working from home is gradually becoming more prominent. People simply feel reluctant to go for 9 to 5 jobs that are life destructing and parasitic in nature. 

One of the most peaceful methods of earning money includes working online by creating content for different websites and blogs. 

How to earn money by working as a web writer?

If you have a lure for writing, there is no shortage of online jobs that can help you directly make money in your bank account or Paytm wallet.

1. Apply on job portals

One of the easiest methods to get money for your writing is by getting recruited on a monthly basis by different companies. 

You can apply for home-based jobs on the leading job portals. attach a sample of your writing, expected salary, experience, and Portfolio while filling up the online form.

You will soon get a couple of calls and emails from the companies who is looking forward for home-based writers?

2. Create your own blog

If you have a Flair for writing combined with a lot of knowledge, Creating A blog would quickly help you to make money. 

You can start a beauty, health, fitness, consultancy or any other blog depending on your interest. 

Upload articles on a regular basis and eventually, you will start making money from AdSense directly in your bank account.

3. Login freelance writing websites

The leading websites like Fiverr and upwork help you to monetize your writing and executing a lot of digital marketing stuff. 

You can easily bid on projects and receive your payment on the completion of the tasks. Have a direct talk with the clients, let them have a look at your portfolios and samples. 

Eventually, you will start getting contracts that can help you to become rich by writing.

4. Join content writer groups on social media

The best part of using social media is job creation. People from all over the world create Groups for content writers that have paid well. 

You can apply for writing a single article or taking up a whole lot of projects depending on your capability and interest. In fact, you can also post about your writing skills on these freelancing groups and eventually you will start getting ping from the clients. 

However, you need to be very careful while dealing with them because some of them might come out fraudulent. Ask for an upfront payment if possible.

5. Create a social media page

You can also create a page on Social Media where you can promote your writing skills. State your address and telephone number so that people can contact you in case they have some writing job work. 

Also, show your presence on LinkedIn and Twitter without feeling scared. Creating a page reflects your genuineness.

6. Amazon product reviewer

Amazon quite often requires writers to promote the different products it sells. you can search for the clients needing Amazon product reviewers, have a look at the required pattern, write articles and get paid straight away in your bank account or Paytm wallet. 

In fact, you would find a whole lot of people posting about the job vacancy for Amazon product reviewers in the social media groups. Get in touch with those clients and grab the projects that go a long way.

7. Become an affiliate marketer

Apart from providing information about different things from your own blog, you can also promote certain stuff by getting paid for it. Once your blog starts receiving traffic, people from different brands are going to approach you for reviewing their products. 

Not only they would handover the free samples to you but also a good amount of money would be paid for the promotion done in the form of writing. 

It is quite easy to make a six-figure salary by promoting products through your blogs.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

How to Recover Deleted Photos & Videos from Android Device 2019

Deleting an important video from the mobile storage by accident and not being able to recover it for not having made a full backup is something that you could wish for your worst enemies. But, you are not the only one who suffers this experience. 

Whatever happens, whether or not you have accidentally deleted a video, there are ways to recover deleted content from the phone's internal storage.

A few things to know

The Android operating system does not eliminate these items completely. We have all made mistakes once and have deleted a photo or video that we did not want. The good news is that we can recover photos and videos deleted from the mobile by mistake.
  • When you delete a file by mistake, time is important - the sooner you try to recover it, the better.
  • The location also matters in these cases. It is easier to recover files that you had on your micro SD card than in the internal memory.
  • But let's keep calm. If you had it stored in the internal memory of the phone, you can also recover your deleted photos and videos.
Recover Deleted Photos & Videos from Android Device

Disable connections

The first thing you have to do is disable the Wi-Fi connection and the data of your smartphone. The reason is synchronization. And when data is deleted they are not really deleted. In memory, a mark is placed in front of the file that says that this space can be used for something else.

So until something is overwritten about this part of the device memory it is not permanently deleted. We will give you two options to recover your videos, photos or files deleted on Android – one is for the user with root and another without root.

Recover deleted photos and videos without root

The first thing you should do is connect the mobile memory as a Mass Storage Device on the computer. Connect a USB cable to the computer and then to the device.

If the file was in an external micro SD memory that is not formatted as the internal the memory of the device you can also take it out of the phone and use a micro SD memory adapter to insert it into the computer.

Now download and install any FILE RECOVERY SOFTWARE for Android which is a program to recover files.

The first thing to do is to select the types of files you want to recover - Images, Videos, Music, Documents, etc. Then choose the option to recover from a specific location and the letter in which is the memory of the phone from which you want to recover the Files.

It takes several minutes depending on the size and memory occupancy. Once the search is over, the software returns all the files that have been deleted but have not been written in them, in their original quality.

Recover deleted photos and videos with root

Download the free VIDEO RECOVERY SOFTWARE available for Mac or PC on your computer. There are so many programs available which you can also try. Install the program, run it and register.

You will see this screen - Connect your smartphone to the computer with a USB. Connect your smartphone to the computer through a USB cable. You will have to have USB debugging enabled on your device for the process to function. To do this you just have to go to Settings About Phone >  and in 'Build number ' press repeatedly until the option is activated.

Back in Settings, you will see Development options, go down to USB Debugging and activate it. You will see a notification at the bottom of the software screen saying that USB debugging is active. The next question the computer asks you is if you want to explore the deleted files or all the files.

Click the primary option of erased files if you need a faster recovery of files. You just have to choose the files you want to save and press recover. As you can see, it is quite simple to recover your photos if you act on time. The best to not lose them in the future and have a backup of your photos.

Prevention, your best weapon

If you want to avoid taking these scares in the future, you can make a backup of your photos. With Google Photos you can have unlimited capacity to save your photos and the backup function is very easy to configure.

Once you have installed the application you just have to go to the application settings and choose backup and synchronization, that way you can choose how often you want to make the backup. So you never miss an important video or photo again.

For the files, you can use Google Drive that has 15 GB for free although there is a good alternative offer for cloud services where you can store your data.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How can i Work from Home and Make Money in India Online 2019

Making money from home is today possible thanks to the development of new technologies and globalization, which allows maintaining contact and establishing business relationships from anywhere in the world. 

However, if you are looking for jobs from home, the first thing you should know is that you need to have some skill, something that is good for you or what you are an expert, and that others may find interesting.

How can i Work from Home and Make Money in India Online 2019

Is it possible to earn money online?

Are you suffering from 9am to 5 pm hectic job? WITH the high speed on the internet and good connection, many people who are staying at home can earn easily. Just look at the legitimate ways of working at home.

There are various ways from which you can earn while staying at home. A few years ago making money from home was not something easy to achieve, but something reserved only for a few lucky ones. But today, due above all to the Internet's reach, making money in the comfort of our home is something that any of us can do and, in many cases, simply with a computer with an Internet connection.

Fill out paid surveys

Filling paid surveys is a simple way to earn money from home with which you probably will not become a millionaire, but that could mean extra income to help you pay debts, cover some of your expenses, or give you some pleasure, and just for Do something as simple as it is to fill out surveys.

The reason they pay us to fill out these surveys is that for large companies it is important to know the needs tastes, and preferences of consumers, and because of this they are willing to pay consumers for filling out surveys that allow them to obtain such information.

Sell photos on the Internet

Selling photographs on the Internet is another simple way to earn money from home that, as in the previous case, will not make you a millionaire, but it could mean extra income, and just for doing something as simple as taking pictures.

The reason they pay us for our photographs is that today there are a lot of companies and people who need images, for example, for their websites, blogs, magazines, advertising material, etc., and that they are willing to Pay for these.

Create a blog

Creating a blog is another way to earn money from home that can make you earn enough money to cover your needs and even live comfortably, as thousands of people around the world now allows.

However, you should keep in mind that getting a good income with a blog is not something that is achieved from one moment to another, but something that takes time and requires a lot of work, since for a blog to generate good income It is necessary that before you get to have a good visitor traffic, which is only achieved by regularly publishing good quality content.

Create a YouTube channel

If, rather then writing, you prefer to create videos, an alternative to creating a blog that you can consider is to create a YouTube channel, which can also make you earn a good amount of money as it is nowadays allowed More people around the world.

To make money with a YouTube channel you must choose the theme that your channel or your videos will have, register on the YouTube page with a Gmail account, Click on the «Upload videos» icon located in the upper right, upload to regularly channel good quality videos, and choose a method to earn money.

Create an online store

An online the store can make you earn as much money as if it were a physical store or even more, taking into account the possibility that this has to reach a large number of people located anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, the 365 days of the year.

To make money with an online store you must determine the products that you are going to sell in it, create the online store with the help of some platform to create online stores such as Shopify.

Work as a freelance online

Working as a freelance on the Internet is another way to earn money from home that can mean a stable source of income, as long as you are able to do good quality work and make a good reputation in the middle.

To work as a freelance on the Internet you simply have to register on one of the websites dedicated to freelancers (which function as intermediaries between freelancers and potential clients and, therefore, help you get clients), create a profile where you indicate the works that you offer and publish samples of works that you have already done, answer the queries made by those interested in your work, and expect someone to hire you.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

How to Read Another Person WhatsApp Messages 2019

The benefits that WhatsApp produces in people's daily life are indisputable, and the information that is shared through its App is so much that sometimes it is very useful to know what is sent through it. Then, you will have the possibility to know the application that will allow you to hack or spy on someone else's WhatsApp, as well as the steps you must follow to implement it.

There is the basic and primary way to do it

YouTube is full of video tutorials that promise to spy on someone else's WhatsApp conversations, most of these tricks are totally false. However, there is a method that does work and is the most effective of all. 

It is worth noting that this WhatsApp trick will only be effective if you know the person you are going to “spy”, since you must have your smartphone at least a few minutes, otherwise it is impossible to achieve it.

The first thing you should do to review someone else's WhatsApp conversations is to download this application on your smartphone, after installing it, a QR code will appear. Now comes the complicated part, you will have to take the smartphone of the person you are going to spy on, press the three-dot icon, choose the option WhatsApp web> now scan the given QR code of the smartphone.

That WhatsApp account will be activated immediately on your smartphone, so you can see all the conversations that person has had. Do you dare to do it? While this trick allows you to know some secrets or unthinkable conversations, be careful because you could get some unpleasant surprise.

Read Another Person WhatsApp Messages

See WhatsApp conversations with Spy Software

With any spy software, a monitoring service that allows you to remotely observe WhatsApp conversations from another mobile or tablet through one of its functions. So you can spy on another person's WhatsApp activity at all times. This excellent functionality tool will allow you to:
  • Follow each of the conversations carried out, text or voice messages and shared multimedia content (downloaded images, photos and videos).
  • Read the chats or messages that are deleted (regardless of the immediacy in which this occurs).
  • Know who the contacts are which you interact with.
  • See the exact date and time when a message was sent or received.
  • Access the call data, such as when they occurred, their duration, etc.
  • Check the calendar information, associated with each WhatsApp contact, you can check the cell number, the location where you reside (address), your email, etc.
  • Find the conversations that the person had in a certain time or period of time, using the search filters.
  • In summary, these benefits will allow you to visualize everything related to a WhatsApp.

How is the spy panel for WhatsApp?

It is worth mentioning that all this will be possible to see if you have already installed the application on the target cell phone. As soon as you have entered, you will be able to see the latest records (messages) associated with the WhatsApp monitored. Once this small detail has been commented, the key points provided by this module are listed below,

As it will be very clear to you to appreciate in the image, such a section, serves a list with all the messages sent and received through the destination WhatsApp (you can even recover those that have been deleted), and through four well-defined columns, show the following details:

Name - Here the name corresponding to the contact with whom you interacted appears, as it is registered in the target cell phone.

Message - Here the complete content of the message sent or received through the monitored WhatsApp is revealed.

Time - This last column shows the date and time details, when the message was sent or received.

Open a conversation
It should be noted that with just one click on the Message, Name or Time columns, corresponding to any message, you will be able to access the conversation in question completely.

On the other hand, the panel allows filtering the registered content, through options located in the upper right corner. Going to the point, such options will let you apply the following types of filters:

Search by periods of time - In this the first option, you can specify to see only the messages of a set period, such as: this year, this month, the last two weeks, etc.

Custom search by dates - Here are two separate calendars, in which you must select two dates from which you want to filter messages.

Search by phrase or keyword (search bar) - Used to perform personalized searches between messages, from here you can search for contact names, or even place a specific word that may be in a conversation.

Remember, spying on anyone even you have strong reasons, especially for social networks, is a punishable act under cyber law. This is why it is important to use professional spy software.

How to Check Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile in 2019?

For many years, WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging networks by users. With it we can send messages to our contacts and, for some time, we can make calls and video calls. For all this, this application is at the head of virtual messaging technology, compared to all those companies that try to compete with it. 

As everyone knows WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications in the world. According to the latest data offered by Facebook, it is already used by more than 1 billion people worldwide. 

And many of those people wonder if it is possible to know if someone is visiting their WhatsApp profile. We know that there are techniques and tricks to know if someone visits my Facebook profile. But what many people ask is if any of these tricks work for WhatsApp.

In WhatsApp users can see the status of other users. You can also see the last connection time and even our profile picture. In the latest updates, you can even check if the messages we send have been received and/or read with the famous blue check. But what we really want to know is who accesses that information.

So, is it a myth or true?
There really are people who want to know who visits your profile. Judging by the searches that are carried out in the Google search engine, the answer is a resounding YES. Search strings "how to know who visits my WhatsApp profile" or "find out who visits my WhatsApp profile" are counted by thousands. 

But the sad reality is that at the moment there is no functionality within the application that gives us that information. People can see our photo, state or last connection time, but without us knowing when he did it.

However, when you put that search on Google, thousands of pages appear that claim to have the definitive solution. But be careful, most of these solutions are a lie and all you will get is to install some type of malware on your device or cell phone. Or fall for some kind of misleading advertising, which could ask you for personal information to steal personal information.

How to Check Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile in 2019?

Who visits my WhatsApp profile?

Since WhatsApp is an application widely used by all, see the profile picture or the status of our contacts, it has become a small hobby of this social network. Many times we see the states of our contacts, their usernames and which photographs top their profiles, so we can know how they are, or even discover some kind of information. 

Therefore, with all the above information as a reference, we can be struck by the doubt and we can even ask ourselves if there is a possibility that any contact can get to know if we have been looking at your profile, or even if it is possible to know who has been watching our WhatsApp profile.

How can I know who visits my WhatsApp?

Actually, although WhatsApp has been incorporating many new features in the latest updates, at the moment it is not possible to verify who has been visiting our profile. The application preserves the privacy of the contacts and at the moment it has not incorporated any function that allows us to know who visits our profile. 

Faced with this situation, there are many pages on the Internet and applications that offer you the possibility of obtaining the information of the contacts that have visited your WhatsApp profile, but these applications are not very reliable.

In fact, we must be cautious since some of these applications can be harmful to our terminal, may contain viruses or get information from our mobile to subsequently send it to third parties. However, there are other applications that use algorithms that analyze the behavior of your contacts and send you the information obtained, but the results are not too reliable. For all this, it seems that for now, we must wait for WhatsApp to incorporate this tracking function and thus be able to know who visits our profile.

And know who sees my profile picture?

As with visiting your profile or your status, people can access to see your profile picture. In fact, it is surely what people see most. Because let's be honest, when we're bored we love to gossip all the photos of our contacts. And people wonder if there is any way to know who has seen our photo. 

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Although if you stay calmer we can tell you that according to the latest studies, more than 60% of our contacts see our profile picture at least once a month. With this data, we could tell you that almost all your contacts have seen your photo. So be very careful with the photo you put.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Top 5 Best 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers Under ₹5000 in India

Are you looking for Best 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers under ₹5000? You will find a lot of speakers can be found on the marketplace under 5000 rupees in India. However, we surfed online and found a number of the best 2.1 Bluetooth speakers online using sub-woofer which first merchandise bass and crisp, bright, loud noise?

Best 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

These speakers are fantastic for the home theater system in your house when you like to listen to audio and need to enjoy films in HD audio.

Nowadays there are plenty of 2.1 Bluetooth speakers offered in the market. There are slightly harsh to choose top speakers for our demand. That is why I’m writing this article.
Here list of the 5 Best Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 5000 in India. These portable speakers give the ideal mix of functionality and features. These speakers can play sound via Bluetooth or even a 3.5millimeter audio jack. A few of the mobile speakers are dust and water-resistant also.