(Tricks To) How To Increase Jio 4G Net Speed Upto 80 Mbps Using 10 Simple Methods for Free 2017

How To Increase Jio 4G Net Speed Upto 80 Mbps (10 Methods)
How To Increase Jio 4G Net Speed Upto 80 Mbps (10 Methods)
So you got Jio 4G sim card and are you looking to increase the internet speed of your jio sim. Then you came to right place. Here I am providing 7 possible solutions on How To increase Jio 4G Speed to 80mbps, just follow the given steps then you can get the maximum internet connection. So before going to the main process if you are planning to buy the jio sim just don’t do that because we are providing one simple trick to get the Jio sim for free.

Methods to increase Jio4G Internet Speed:

Follow below methods step by step for increasing jio 4g speed up to 80 MBPS.

Method 1, How To Increase Jio 4G Net Speed Upto 80 Mbps Hack:

  • Install MTK Engineering Mode from play store
  • Open and Run the application
  • Then select ‘MTK Settings’
  • After that Select ‘BandMode’
  • Select SIM slot where you have placed your Jio SIM
  • Select ‘LTE mode’
  • Select band 40 for best speed or band 5 for best coverage
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Method 2, How to increase Jio 4G speed Hacking:

  1. Step 1: First Download the VPN master app or Snap Vpn app from playstore, or you can even download any app both are made for same purpose.
  2. Step 2: So after downloading the app just open it
  3. Step 3: Then after opening the app the server will set to india country and it will take up to 15 seconds to connect, some times it will connect in 2-3 seconds only
  4. Step 4: After connecting to VPN you can check that download speed it will hit the maximum speed in just few seconds.
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Method 3 How To Increase Jio 4G Speed Internet Speed Booster and Optimizer app Trick.

  1. First, Download and install Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer app
  2. Enable the profile ‘Non-Root User’ or ‘Root user’ depending on your device root option
  3. Just leave it by running the app in background
  4. This App will increase Jio 4G speed in few seconds
  5. You get highest, maximum browsing & downloading, Uploading speed which is available in your current location.
  6. This application is very useful for any Reliance Jio 4G user – Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer app works in both RooT and Non-Rooted Android device to enhance internet speed. Simply enable the Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer app to get best and maximum Jio 4G speed.This App automatically customize all settings and speedup the network for best Reliance Jio 4g speed.
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Method 4, How to increase Jio 4G speed:

  1. First you need different browser which is UC mini browser you can download from here
  2. This is just a test purpose, try downloading bunch of videos or apps and Then pause those downloads
  3. Now Open the VPN master or Snap Vpn and connect to the server,
  4. Then Check your download speed it will reach upto 10-20 mbps under one min.
  5. That’s it if you don’t want to install any VPN apps then this is the trick for you, this will work like a charm but there are so many things to do. It is worth doing, so you can either go with above process or you can try this trick on how to increase jio 4g speed
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Method 5, How To Increase Jio 4G Speed: APN Settings

By making few changes in APN will report big change in increase Jio 4g speed. Before making APN default setting be sure to follow exact steps and change the APN Settings
  1. Step 1: Go to Device Android ‘Settings’ > then ‘Cellular Networks’ > then ‘Access Point Names’
  2. Step 2: Now you have to tap the profile named: Jio 4G and change only entries which I mentioned below and leave the remaining as default
  3. Server: www.google.com
  4. Authentication Type: None
  5. APN type: Default
  6. Bearer: LTE
  7. Step 3: Now click on ‘Save’ changes and then select profile again.
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Method 6: How to increase Jio 4G Speed: For Rooted Devices

There is no doubt to say that rooted device users got the so many opportunities, they can try anything and any method. So this is specially made for rooted users. If you are planning to root your device just check this article, and you can unroot your device at anytime. This won’t remove your warranty. So coming to the process follow these given steps in your rooted device to increase jio 4g speed.

  • Firstly, Download 3G/4G Speed Optimizer apk in your device.
  • In that application Select the network speed, choose : 12/28/7 – Max Speed option.
  • Then Click on ‘Apply Tweak’.
  • Restart phone & after that you can see increase jio 4g speed.

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Method 7, How to Increase Jio Speed: Clear Cache

This might sound funny, but didn’t you even noticed that clearing cache improves your device performance..? Android system stores so much data by using few files and apps for enhancing user experience. These files data is called as cache. Reliance jio works little bit different it not only related to sim settings, the jio apps data prevents you from downloading large content. So removing cache will helps you boost internet speed. follow these steps to increase jio speed
  • Steps to increase Jio Speed
  • Go To Your Device Android Settings
  • Then visit Storage and USB
  • Under Internal Storage just tap on cached Data
  • Just confirm by clicking OK on clear cached Data
  • That’s it, You just got increased Jio Speed
Simply follow the above steps then you can simply increase jio 4g speed, in these days i got some solutions on how to increase jio jiofi speed, so here I am giving the solution. You can also use this method on how to increase jio 4g speed. So basically this trick will work on anywhere and it is too simple.

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Method 8, How to Increase Jio Jiofi Speed, How to increase Jio 4G Speed

  • Open your device and start any download from the browser
  • Pause that download and notice the speed.
  • Now go to playstore and install F-Secure Freedome VPN app
  • Open and Connect Singapore Server
  • Now resume the download, you will see increase jio 4g speed.
  • It’s so simple, you can use this in jio jiofi or your normal Jio sim Device.
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Method 9, How To Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed After 4GB Daily Limit:

So many people complaining that they are getting 128 kbps speed after 1-2 days of activation this is because once you have used the 4GB data in a day you will be moved to 128 kbps speed. So here is the one simple trick on how to increase jio speed after 4gb daily limit. Everything is mentioned in this article or you can follow these simple steps.
  • Steps to increase jio speed after 4GB limit:
  • Once installing the all 10 apps from old myjio turn off the net.
  • Then open MyJio app from the list wait for some time.
  • Then turn on internet and click on Get Jio Sim.
  • In the next screen you will see the preview offer will be activated
  • From there you can find the jio 4GB Limit

Method 9, Why are my speeds so slow?

Here are some quick ways to stop most problems that may be slowing down your connection:

  1. Ensure you're getting a clean test. Stop any ongoing downloads, and shut down any programs that may be using your connection, such as peer-to-peer software.
  2. Simplify the picture. If you're using Wi-Fi to connect, try using a wired Ethernet connection to eliminate the possibility of wireless interference.
  3. Reboot your modem and router. It's the stock advice, but it solves an astonishing number of problems. Quora has a great explanation of why restarting your router simply works most of the time.

How do I clear my browser cache?

  • Firefox: Go to Tools > Clear Recent History. Choose the time range and the items you wish to clear and click Clear Now.
  • E6 (Internet Explorer): Go to Tools > Internet Options > General.Click Delete Files. Check the box next to Delete all offline content In the window that opens and click OK.
  • IE 7 & 8 (Internet Explorer):Go to Tools > Internet Options > General.  Under browsing history click Delete. Choose which items you wish to delete and click the Delete button next to each item to delete it.
  • E9 (Internet Explorer): Go to Tools > Safety > Delete browsing history. Then untick the option for Preserve Favorites website data, tick the options for Temporary Internet Files and Cookies and click Delete.
  • Safari: Go to Safari > Empty Cache. Click Empty in the window that opens to clear the cache.

  • Opera: Go to Tools > Delete Private Data. Choose which items you wish to delete and click Delete.
  • Chrome: Click the wrench icon at the top right corner of the screen and go to Tools > Clear Browsing Data. Select the items you want to delete, choose the period for which you want to delete them and click Clear Browsing Data.

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Final Words:

If you have still slow speed issue please comment in comment section we will reply soon as possible.


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