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Trace Mobile Number Current Location with City (Mobile Tracker Free App)

Mobile Number Tracker in India

Here we will share some of the best source for mobile number tracker. Can you imagine a day without a mobile? Of course! No one can imagine such a situation. Whether it is office, hospital, road, home or a shopping mall it is the thing which always accompanies us.

Smartphones have occupied an important position due to technological advancement and enhancing in the field of communication. Advancement of technology has given great benefits to us.

Sometimes the situation becomes annoying when you are receiving calls from a foreign number at odd times of day or night. Even caller doesn’t bother to let you know who he or she is.

Occasionally, we get missed callsand prank calls from an unknown number which leads to spoiling any situation. Some people try to misuse the enhanced technology and involve in illegal works.

It an irritating issue for those who get such type of calls. Nothing is more annoying like receiving never-ending calls from the unknown call at different times of the day or in the night.

If you are facing such a situation then I have an excellent solution for you named mobile number tracker. These websites and apps facilitate you to check the real identity of the caller without asking them who they are.

Tracing of mobile number is helpful to find the location of the person. The tracing helps to locate to track that mobile number locator on a Google Maps. You need to trace mobile number current location especially when you lose it.

The tracing of cell number applications is helpful to save your favorite device and locate your near. It is an easy process to trace mobile number current location on Google map with the latest technology. Here I am going to mention top 3 free mobile number tracking websites.

(Enter the 10-digit mobile number that you want to trace WITHOUT +91 or 0)


This is one the best mobile tracker based in India and it works by retrieving the location of any number regardless of the current location or the mobile provider of the same. This website not only tracks the mobile but also helps you how to trace landline number.

You can also use this website for finding the best ranking websites. It works with Nokia, Blackberry, Android and iPhone. You get used this website for free and there are no hidden charges.
You will get a wide range of tracking options for landlines, mobile and vehicle numbers.

MobileNumber is available with user-friendly interface so it makes easy to track your target phone number.

You can retrieve the results in less than 10 seconds. You can trace only Indian mobile numbers through this site.

2.   Trace Phone Number

Track a free cell number with Trace Phone number with this tracking website along with an opportunity to track the owner of a particular number by entering the phone number. You can also track the landline number with this site.

Trace cellular number offers an interactive and user-friendly interface. A wide database of the phone number is available with this site. You can locate the mobile Number current location with city. You can also get the name of network provider for that number.

This site offers easy user interface so that a user can use it easily. Trace Phone number cannot make a difference in old, new or replaced number.

3.   Free Phone Tracer

It is one of the great mobile tracker websites it works like other number tracking sites. This site allows you to key-in your target mobile and search for the same. Tracing any cellular is easy with Free Phone Tracer.

You can track the mobile as well as landline through Free Phone Tracer. It is McAfee security secure the website. The method of tracing is straightforward and easy to understand.
You can get the details for free only the network provider, phone type and line type. Before tracking through this site you need to register on the website. Only US-based numbers are traceable through this website.

The above-mentioned websites are helpful to trace mobile number current location through satellite. Trace phone numbers on Maps?

Mobile Number Tracker in India [Google Maps]

True Caller
It is one of the most used and popular apps to check the known names and details for a phone number. You will get the name and details of the unknown caller before you pick the call.

How to check the cell number via True Caller
  • Visit the official website to the true caller.
  • Enter the 10—digit mobile number in the search box which you want to check.
  • Click enter it may ask for a sign-up.
  • If you have already an account login with that or create an account with username and password. You can login via Twitter or Facebook.
  • After the successful login, you can find the location of that you entered with the name.
  • Internet for Mobile
This is similar to the online telephone directory. It is a computerized tracking system. The app will provide the complete details of the mobile number you entered.
  • Visit the official website of Internet4Mobile.
  • Get into the home page.
  • You will see a search box where you can type the phone number you want to trace.
  • Don’t add 0 or +91.
Now you can find the location of that number with its location.

How to Track Mobile Number Location in Map or Trace Mobile? is helpful to trace mobile number location and caller’s information like name, address, location, network operator, city, state etc. You can register your grievance against any mobile number through by visiting the monitoring and reputation section.
Tracing of mobile location is without of any cost and the company doesn’t collect your personal data. This service is available to all states in India as well as Union territories. This tracker helps you to find the owner’s name, address and other information. provides the following results
  1. Name of Service type – GSM/CDMA
  2. Name of the Service Provider
  3. Name of the State
  4. Main and other languages in the telecoms circle.
  5. Latest Trace
  6. Local timing of the mobile number location
  7. Reputation and monitoring

Mobile Number Tracker with Current Location Software Free Download

Using Zinn App Studio you can track all current locations at present moment along with the caller cell number. It is a simple and unique app that helps you to track your own live location on GPS MAP and in text format.

Features of Zinn app Studio

Current location:It tells about the latitude and longitude, current city and state with all details on the MAP view.

Address Finder: It provides the address of the phone’s current location. You also share with anyone or family to let them know. The complete GPS MAP graphical interface implements to see address on it.

Mobile Tracker:It tells about the location of the caller calls, mobile contacts, mobile numbers and any other number. This application works on the GPS only for displaying the current address. The software never uploads any personal information or location of the user.

It will store and collect the location on your phone and display it on a device. The tracker works Offline support and you can use it even without of Internet connection. It also displays the mobile operator name.

Tracking a phone number?

Have you ever received a call from a phone number which you would like to track? It’s a general thing especially in the world where you get spam calls and unwanted numbers. The technology has given the power in your hands to look up exactly where a call came from. Due to many reasons you need to track a number, it might be official or personal. You need to use simple tricks to do this.

How to track cell phone number locations?

In order to get real-time results, you can use IMEI and GPS trackers to know the location of a phone. The apps like GPS phone and locate any Phone works great even when the phone is not connected to the Internet.

You can know the GPS coordinates of a phone number within seconds. SMS or Whatsapp messages can also be tracked with these apps. So you need not call someone and embarrass them making them feel tracked.

How to track your Mobile using IMEI number?

Do you lost your mobile phone or stolen by someone? Don’t panic! If you have the IMEI number of your cellular phone you can find your handset easily. It’s a good idea to take IMEI number when you buy it. However, the procedure to get back your stolen or lost mobile phone will take a little time.

First of all, you need to the police station in your local area and file an FIR stating that your phone has been stolen. Now take a photocopy of the FIR and your IMEI number.

You need to contact the service provider of the phone. They will help you to track your handset’s location. They will block the mobile making it useless until it has found. After getting your phone back you can ask your service provider to white-list it.

Watch YouTube Video for How To Trace Mobile Number!

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Keeping Mobile Number Secret on Whatsapp, Chatting, Know Technique

Latest Whatsapp tricks, hacks [nobody knows this secret tricks]

Are you bore by reading WhatsApp tricks again and again. Or you are looking for some fantastic features of WhatsApp. Then this post is for you. I have listed best WhatsApp tricks read one by one.

1. Sending animated emoji

There is only one emoji (red heart) which is like a flash as given in screenshot and it will only work when you send only it.

2. Manage privacy settings 

The company takes care user privacy. Recently WhatsApp applies encryption. All basic privacy settings are controlled by settings→Account→ privacy here is the full list of all privacy settings.Read recipient: it is blue tick show your friend to that you read his/her message. By default,  it is tick mean everybody will know if you read his message. Off curse, you can’t find other side person read your message or not. For this untick Read receipts as shown in below screenshot.
Hide last seen:  want to chat with the second girlfriend and don’t want to inform the first gf hide your last seen. Follow screenshot steps. Again you can’t find another person last seen.

Profile photo visible: Especially girls who don’t like someone see his/her photos can hide pictures to shown other there are three options 
1. Only me 
2. My contact( saved contacts on your phone and using WhatsApp) 
3. Anyone.

3. Send messages to yourself

Do you think this is crazy to send a message to me but not, in reality, here are some benefits?
  1. You can save a significant message, video, photo or any other data.
  2. You can see your own DP (Display profile) but without status.
  3. Transfer data between the computer and mobile phone.
How to chat: 
  • First of all, save your mobile number anywhere phone, email, sim, etc. save your number
  • Now turn on your internet connection.
  • After that open whatsapp→contacts and refresh your contacts once it refreshed it will sync data from your recently saved number which you saved in the first step.
  • You will not find yourself in WhatsApp contacts so open contacts app and open your contact which you saved in the first step.
  • As you can see in the screenshot below, the number has WhatsApp option for the message Click on it.whatsapp chat option
If no option doesn’t worry than click on message icon and chose WhatsApp messenger.

4. Hide a chat (not delete)

There is an option for an archived chat which moves the chat to in archived section nobody scroll down to see chats

5. Fake Thumbnail Different From Real Photo

Sure you will receive that type of images which are changed after downloading. Making your friend fool this is the best way. Download z-photo fake for chats (size: 3.02 MB).

6. Send a blank message or put blank status

As users can't send empty messages on WhatsApp, we have developed this app to share empty or blank messages with your WhatsApp contacts. This is both fun and at the same time surprising to your friends. You can prank your friends by sending empty or blank messages.

7. Read someone’s message 

Using email chat you can read all message of a person without informing her.
  • Open your enemy WhatsApp app
  • Open chat which you want to know
  • Click on menu select more and choose email chat

8. Message to person by mentioning his/her name in the group

In the groups, there can be 256 persons it is difficult to message or chat with the one person but you can mention his name by typing @. It is same as we mention the name on facebook. 

9. Type in Bold, Strikethrough, and italic

This is a very cool feature by the company for heightening important line.
  • For  Typing in bold type content between in **, for example, *howtoindia*
  • To use Italic font add ”_” around the content, for example, _howtoindia_
  • For typing in Strikethrough add  ”~” around the content, for example, ~howtoindia~

10. Unlock protected by password and pattern

If your friend protect his account with password or lock and you want to read his message don’t worry try the following procedure
  • The method is like the above-given method but you have know name of the app that is used for protecting WhatsApp. Generally, people use app lock to lock apps.
  • Go to settings→apps→app lock and click on clear data

11. Read all message at once

Mainly in India where people make many groups just for sending entertainment videos, photos etc. In that case, you can read all messages at once using the mark as read option. Select your chats  open menu from sidebar go to more and choose mark as read option.

12. Compress photo and videos

This is one of my favorite tricks Maybe you don’t know but WhatsApp compress photos and videos for better speed here I also add a proof of this to use this feature you have to dual use dual WhatsApp using parallel space.
  • Send photo videos from one number to another
  • Download it from second account
  • Your task complete, see the size of photo as given in screenshot I send 223 kb image which will become to 85 kb after sending

Note: If you don’t want to use dual WhatsApp then send it to your friend and say him to send you again.

13. Hide photos videos from gallery 

Sometimes our all pictures and video are not good to show someone or in or we want  to hide all content from the gallery. For this just rename your photo and video folder place . Before starting the name e.x. .whatsapp Images To gain images again chose menu  in file manager and click on show hidden folders. you can also hide photos using Private Photo Vault app.

14. Send fake location

If you want to bypass your girlfriend doubt then you can send her your fake location. Install VPN-like hotspot shield and enable it then send your location. Your location will fake it will depend on which country you are connected.

Hope you enjoy these WhatsApp tricks if you have any problem with any trick please comment here I will help you.

Aadhar Card Download Bina Mobile Number Ke Kaise Kare

Bina OTP Ke Aadhaar Card Download Kaise Kare

Bina mobile number, ya galat phone number  ke Aadhar Card download karna bahut easy hai. UIDAI se Aadhar online download kar sakte hai. Start ke years me Aadhar Card ko online download karne ka koi feature nahi tha. Card ke liye 90 days tak wait karna parta tha tab ja kar Address par POST se Aadhar card milta tha.

UIDAI ne online system launch kiya hai jisme aadhar status check, Aadhar download kar sakte hai. Yadi apke mobile number par SMS confirmation recieved ho raha hai toh Online aadhar Download kar sakte hai.

Bina mobile number ke Aadhar Download karne ke liye kya jaruri hai:
  • Full Name.
  • Enrollment Id
  • Mobile Number (Koi Sa Bhi)
Yadi aapka Enrollment slip nahi mil raha hai to Email Id par jakar check kare. Phir aadhar download kare. Agar aapne Email registered nahi kiya hai to nazdiki Enrollment centre par jakar apni problem bataye.

Bina Mobile Number Ke Aadhar Download Kaise Kare

  • mobile number ke bina aadhar kaise download kare

  • I Have option ke niche Enrollment ID (EID) option par click kare.

  • Full Name enter kare

  • Email ya Phone number enter kare.

  • Security Code enter kare, Phir Get OTP button par click kare.

  • Jis Email or Phone number ko enter kiya gaya hai uspar OTP code gaya hoga

  • OTP code ko box me enter karke verify kare.

  • Phir Validate par click karke Download kare.

  • PDF file download ho jayega.

  • File download hone ke baad open kare, phir password me Area PINCODE enter kare.

Khoye Huye EID or UID Ko Email Se Kaise Dhunde

  • Khoye huye EID or UID ko dhundne ke liye yaha jaye:

  • Jo chiz dhundna hai uska option select kare “Aadhar No (UID)” or “Enroment No (EID)”.

  • Register name enter kare.
  • Phir register Email Id enter kare.
  • Security code enter kare phir Get OTP par click kare.
  • khoye huye EId dhunde
Register email address par OTP code jayega.
Jo OTP code Email par hai usko enter type karke Verify OTP par click kare.
Phir Email aadress par Enrollment number send kar diya jayega.
Khoye huye EID ke milne ke baad aap bina mobile number ke Aadhar Download kar sakte hai.
Jab bhi apka AAdhar mil jayega to correction karke mobile number register jarur karwaye. Kyunki baad me iski bahut jarurat hoti hai. Iske liye aap Enrollment centre par contact kar sakte hai.

This Way You Can Check Who is Using Your Aadhaar Card......

Do you know where your Aadhaar has been used? This is how you can find out

Do you know you can find out when and where your Aadhaar card was used for authentication? Since Aadhaar is used for authentication to avail of several services, you might be worried about its misuse. The website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the body that manages Aadhaar, has the provision of checking where and when your Aadhaar was used. 

Follow these steps to know when and where your Aadhaar was used: 

1. Go to Aadhaar authentication history page: 

2. Enter your Aadhaar number and the security code in the picture. 

3. Click on 'Generate OTP'. 

4. You will receive an OTP on your mobile phone. Make sure you had verified your number with the UIDAI website. 

5. You will see options to choose the period of information and the number of transactions. Write your OTP and click on 'Submit'. 

6. You will see the date, time and type of all Aadhaar authentication requests made in the period you had chosen. However, the page won't show who made the requests. 

If you find something suspicious, you can even lock your Aadhaar information online and unlock it whenever you want to use it. And while you are figuring that out, don't forget the linking deadlines are fast approaching. 


You should visit the Income Tax website, enter your PAN and Aadhaar details, and complete the authentication process. The deadline for this has been extended to March 31. 

Bank account 

You can link your bank account with your Aadhaar at a bank branch, or use the Internet or mobile banking facilities. To do it through Internet banking, log in to your online banking account and click on the ‘Update Aadhaar’ link. Enter your Aadhaar details and submit it. Use the OTP sent to your registered number to complete the process. Deadline: December 31. 

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    (Proof) 4FUN App- Rs.50 On Signup+Rs.6/Refer Free PayTM cash | Earn Unlimited 2019

    It is same like Instagram and you will earn it from like Injoy App. Start Referring your Friends and start earning in PayTM.

    I Earned more than 4,500+ Rs. You can check below screenshot.

    Get Rs.6 Bonus On Each Refer From 4FUN App :

    1. First of All Download 4FUN app From Given Link Here: Click here to Download

    2. Open this Link in your Default browser and Click on Install Now Option.

    3. It will redirect you to Play Store and Just install it now.

    4. Open App and you will be on the Dashboard of the App.

    5. Go through Profile Option from Upper Left Corner and Sign up Using your Mobile Number.

    6. Verify your Mobile Number with OTP.

    7. Now Again go to Profile Option and Click on Join Reward Plan Option.

    8. Now Just enter your PayTM Mobile Number and Submit your PayTM Mobile Number to Receive The Cash in your Account.

    9. You will get Rs.30 in your wallet after Entering your PayTM Mobile Number. (Signup Bonus Offer is Closed)

    10. Now Share your Refer Link on Whatsapp and Start Referring your Friends and you will get Rs.7 PayTM Per Refer.

    To Get Your Refer Link :

    Share Any Video From App to Your Whatsapp Friend & You Can Find Your Refer Link With it

    NOTE: Minimum Amount to Redeem your Earning in PayTM is Rs.200

    Terms & Conditions :

    • You will get Rs.6 Per Installation. You will get your refer amount within 1 or 2 working days.
    • Transfer amount will take 48 hours after withdrawal.
    • Do not attract fake people to click your Referral Links.
    • A minimum amount is Rs.200 to withdraw in your paytm account.

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    Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (Ration Card Holders Lottery)

    BPL Cardholders Will Get Benefit Of Prime Minister's Insurance Scheme.

    The PMJJBY is available to people in the age group of 18 to 50 years having a bank account who give their consent to join/enable auto-debit. Aadhar would be the primary KYC for the bank account. The life cover of Rs. 2 lakhs shall be for the one year period stretching from 1st June to 31st May and will be renewable. Risk coverage under this scheme is for Rs. 2 Lakh in case of death of the insured, due to any reason. The premium is Rs. 330 per annum which is to be auto-debited in one installment from the subscriber’s bank account as per the option is given by him on or before 31st May of each annual coverage period under the scheme. The scheme is being offered by Life Insurance Corporation and all other life insurers who are willing to offer the product on similar terms with necessary approvals and tie up with banks for this purpose.

    The waiting period for claims

    Risk cover under PMJJBY is applicable only after the first 45 days of enrolment. In other words, insurers do not have to settle claims during the first 45 days from the date of enrolment. However, deaths due to accidents will be exempt from the lien clause and will still be paid.


    PMJJBY is administered through LIC and other Indian private life insurance companies. One may also approach their bankers as for the process of enrolment banks have tied up with insurance companies. In the case of multiple bank accounts held by an individual in one or different banks, the person would be eligible to join the scheme through one bank account only.


    The death claim will be settled by the designated Office of Insurance Company concerned. The process followed will be as under:

    Steps to be taken by the Nominee

    1. Nominee to approach the bank wherein the member was having the 'savings bank account' through which he/she was covered under PMJJBY, along with the death certificate of the member.

    2. Nominee to collect claim form, and discharge receipt, from the bank or any other designated source like insurance company branches, hospitals, insurance agents etc., including from designated websites.

    3. Nominee to submit duly completed claim form, discharge receipt, death certificate along with a photocopy of the canceled cheque of the nominee's bank account(if available) or the bank account details to the bank wherein the member was having the 'savings bank account' through which he/she was covered under PMJJBY.

    Steps to be taken by the Bank

    1. Upon receipt of death intimation, the Bank should check whether the cover for the said member was in force on the date of his death, i.e., whether the premium for the said cover on Annual Renewal Date, i.e. 1st of June, prior to the Member's death was deducted and remitted to the Insurance Company concerned.

    2. Bank to verify the claim form & the nominee details from the records available to them and to fill in the relevant columns of the claim form.

    3. Bank to submit the following documents to the designated office of the insurance company concerned:
    • Claim Form duly completed
    • Death certificate
    • Discharge Receipt
    • Photocopy of canceled cheque of the Nominee (if available).

    4. Maximum time limit for the bank to forward duly completed claim form to the insurance company is thirty days from the submission of the claim to it.

    Steps to be taken at the designated office of Insurance Company

    1. Verify that the Claim form is complete in all respects and all the relevant documents have been attached. If not, take up with the Bank concerned.

    2. If the claim is admissible, the designated office of the insurer shall check whether the member's coverage is in force and no death claim settlement has been effected for the member through any other account. In case any claim has been settled, then the nominee shall be intimated accordingly with a copy marked to the bank.

    3. In case the coverage was in force and no claim has been settled for the said member, payment shall be released to the nominee's bank account and communication shall be sent to the nominee with a copy marked to the bank.

    4. Maximum time limit for the insurance company to approve claim and disburse money is thirty days from the receipt of the claim from the bank.

    In the case where the claim form is directly submitted to any office of the insurer by the claimant, then the insurer's office would forward the same to the concerned bank of the deceased account holder immediately to get necessary verification etc. done from the bank concerned. The concerned bank branch will forward the claim form to the designated office of the insurance company for processing the claim.

    >>>>> Source: <<<<<

    >>>> Important Link: Click here for the application form <<<<

    Janshree Bima Yojana for all the families living below the poverty line, the new Prime Minister Jeevan-Jyoti and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana have been started. In the scheme, persons from 18 to 50 years of age will be benefited.

    1) Atal Pension Yojana 

    WHAT IT OFFERS: Pension between Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000 a month. 

    WHAT IT COSTS: For a monthly pension of Rs 1,000, a 40-year-old subscriber will have to invest Rs 291 per month for 20 years, while an 18-year-old will have to contribute Rs 42 per month for 40 years. 

    WHO IS ELIGIBLE: All individuals between 18 and 40, who will have to contribute till they turn 60. 

    WHO SHOULD OPT FOR IT: This is an investment you need to make on behalf of your domestic staff who may not have anyone to look after them once they stop working. 

    2) Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana 

    WHAT IT OFFERS: Accidental death and disability cover of Rs 2 lakh. 

    WHAT IT COSTS: Premium is Rs 12 per year. 

    WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Anybody who has a savings account in the banks that offer this scheme. 

    WHO SHOULD OPT FOR IT: Although it is for everybody, this scheme especially suits drivers, security guards, newspaper vendors, vegetable vendors and others who are exposed to the risk of accidental death or disability. 

    3) Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana 

    WHAT IT OFFERS: A pure protection term insurance cover which pays Rs 2 lakh to dependents in the event of the policyholder's death. 

    WHAT IT COSTS: Premium is Rs 330 a year. 

    WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Anybody in the age band of 18-70 years who has a savings account in a bank that offers this scheme. 

    WHO SHOULD OPT FOR IT: This is a must for any member of your staff who is the sole breadwinner in his or her family. 

    4) Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana 

    WHAT IT OFFERS: A savings account with no minimum balance. The Rupay ATM-cum-debit card comes with an inbuilt accident and life covers of Rs 1 lakh and Rs 30,000 respectively. 


    WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Anyone belonging to the economically weaker sections of society. As all future welfare and subsidy schemes are likely to be linked to it, it is a must for your staff. 

    WHO SHOULD OPT FOR IT: All those working in the unorganized sector. You can transfer salaries directly into the accounts of your domestic staff to inculcate a banking habit in them. 

    5) Post office time deposits and bank FDs 

    WHAT IT OFFERS: Time deposits with tenures of one to four years yield 8.4%, while five-year deposits will earn 8.5%. Bank fixed deposits in the name of your employees' senior citizen parents will earn 9-9.25%. 

    WHAT IT COSTS: The minimum investment for post office time deposits is Rs 200 and there is no cap. 

    WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Anyone with a bank account or Aadhar card. 

    WHO SHOULD OPT FOR IT: These investments will help shorter-term requirements of your staff and other unorganized workers like housing loan down payment, coaching class fees and so on. 

    6) Kisan Vikas Patra 

    WHAT IT OFFERS: A secure interest rate of 8.7% and the promise to double the investment in 100 months. 

    WHAT IT COSTS: The minimum investment is Rs 1,000. No maximum limit. 


    WHO SHOULD OPT FOR IT: All domestic workers, vendors and neighborhood workers to fund their medium-term requirements. 

    7) Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme 

    WHAT IT OFFERS: Guaranteed annual returns of 9.2%. 

    WHAT IT COSTS: Minimum contribution is Rs 1,000 a year and the maximum is Rs 1.5 lakh. 

    WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Girl child below the age of 10. 

    WHO SHOULD OPT FOR IT: Most domestic workers tend to take their daughters out of school to help with household chores or to make way for their brothers, whose education is considered more important. This serves as an incentive to save for a daughter's education and marriage. 

    8) Health insurance 

    WHAT IT OFFERS: Cover for expenses incurred during hospitalization due to illness or surgery. 

    WHAT IT COSTS: Rs 700-800 a year for a cover of Rs 50,000 for individuals aged between 18 and 40 years. 


    WHO SHOULD OPT FOR IT: Hospitalisation can wipe out the entire savings of those already at a financial disadvantage. Though not offered by the government, affordable policies are available from state-owned non-life insurers like New India Assurance and Oriental Insurance. 

    The ET has further calculated how much these might cost. 


    Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojan = NIL + Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana = Rs 330 + Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana = Rs 12 + Atal Pension Yojana = Rs 3,492* + Health Insurance = Rs 800* + Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme = Rs 1,000# + Kisan Vikas Patra = Rs 1,000# + Post Office Time Deposits = Rs 200# 

    All this adds up to = Rs 6,834 (The total amount you need to spend on staff welfare measures in a year) 

    *Assuming your employee is 40 years old and monthly pension chose is Rs 1,000 in case of APY. #If the minimum requirement is invested
    Source: Business Insider

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      Best URL Shortener to Make Money Online in India (7$ CPM Per 1000 Views)

      Highest Paying URL Shortener (Earn 7$ CPM Per 1000 Views)

      EarnBitly.Com Review: URL Shortener is one of the best and easiest method to Earn Money Online 2018. Some of the Best URL shortener Website allows you to make money when you use them to shorten the long URLs from various websites. This method of making money does not require to have any blog or website, not mandatory but there is a bonus point if you have one. You can share these highest paying URL Shortener links on your blog/websites, social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social sites.

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      How URL Shortener Works

      Every time, when someone clicks on the shortened link, you will get paid. These URL Shortener Services or Websites can pay as much as $4-$5 for every 1000 visitors that you bring to your link. They pay you as you bring traffic to them. These visitors will probably become their new users and customers.

      When a visitor clicks on the given URL, the Shortened URL will wait for 5 seconds and then it will be redirected to the original destination link. For these 5 seconds, URL Shortener service will display an advertisement. Like 5 seconds or more (depending on service to service) is completed page is redirected to the original destination.




      Best URL Shortener Website 2019

      EarnBitly.Com - Best URL Shortener Network for India

      Earnbitly is fastest growing URL Shortener company in India. This is one of the most trusted and highest paying URL Shortener in India. You also get multiple withdrawal options like Google Pay (Google Tez), Paytm, Bank Transfer, UPI & PayPal. Short links are not the only way to earn money with Earnbitly, You can also invite new users. For each invited user you will receive 30% of their earnings, that means if your friend earns $100 the 30% of the total amount will be added to your Earnbitly account. That’s not all, here are some of the extra features:
      • Multiple Withdrawal Option: Google Pay (Google Tez), Paytm, Bank Transfer, UPI & PayPal
      • Weekly, Monthly pay
      • Earn up to 7 US Dollars per 1000 views
      • Up to 3 hits are counted per unique IP address in 24 hours
      • Live statistics for your links to monitor progress
      • The rate of Referral Earning: 30% Commission
      • 24×7 Live Chat Support




      • Google Pay (Google Tez)
      • Paytm
      • Bank Transfer
      • UPI
      • PayPal
      First Create Your Account Click Here
      Here is your Dashboard

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