How To Make Money on WhatsApp (Easy & Fast Guide)

Hello friends, Today I am gone show you an interesting article about How to make money on WhatsApp. If you have numbers of WhatsApp group and you want to make some money this guide is only for you.
This guide will help you to make money with your WhatApp. It's a real you can earn money using your WhatsApp groups just using below-mentioned guide. Here I write multiple methods to earning money and easy to understand.
Follow below-mentioned steps to make money with WhatsApp.

Easy ways to make money on WhatsApp

  1. Using Affiliate Marketing
  2. Sharing Short-Links
  3. Using PPD Networks

1. Affiliate Marketing (Amazon/Flipkart/Snapdeal etc...)

Easy ways to make money on WhatsApp Affiliate Marketing (Amazon/Flipkart/Snapdeal)
Affiliate marketing can be an amazing to make money with WhatsApp. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting & selling other company products.
When you sell a company's product, you get a certain amount of commission of product selling. Affiliate marketing is considered as one of the best ways to make money. For more information about click Affiliate Marketing & How Does it Works?
There are different types of affiliate marketing websites. You can register and earn money by promoting the product. Check below list of Affiliate Marketing Program.

Best & Most Trusted Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Payoom.Com
  • etc...

2. Make Money on WhatsApp by Sharing short-link

Make Money on WhatsApp by Sharing short-link
Sharing short links with your friends and make money. Using short URL you can earn some amount of money by link shortening tools. If you don't know how link shortening website work this guide will help you. If you have any long URL and you want to make them short then short URL service will be shortening your URL and you can share them with anyone. When anyone clicks on those links, short URL services will be redirected to the page where they show ads to them and you will get paid for showing ads to the user. Share the more link for make more money

How to send Short-Links on WhatsApp?

Follow below picture to understand how to send short-link to anyone.
How to send Short-Links on WhatsApp

List of some URL Shortener Websites

  • Linkshrink.Net

3. Using PPD Networks (Pay Per Download)

Using this method you can make money by uploading any file on PPD website. You will get paid when someone download your file from that website. There are lots of websites provide PPD (Pay Per Download) network. You can share the link to that website for download the file and share it on WhatsApp to make money.
Make Money Using PPD Websites

List of some PPD (Pay Per Download Network)

  • UsersCloud
  • UploadOcean
  • Daily Uploads
  • ShareCash
  • Upload Cash
  • LinkBucksMedia
  • Dollar Upload
  • FileBucks
These methods which I write here is the best method to make money with WhatsApp.

Final Words:

Thus, I have shared all the method to make money with WhatsApp.You can earn good money by doing this method in your free time wit WhatsApp. My suggestion is to join more WhatsApp group or share more link with more people to boost your earning. Need more tips & tricks about WhatsApp you need to read this Guide.

I hope you like this post guys. If you have any question please let us know in comment section we will reply soon as possible.

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