Jio Prime New ‘Summer Surprise’ Offer Extends Free Service

The last date for Jio Prime subscription plan has been extended to April 15, a welcome reprieve for Reliance Jio customers who were unable to sign up for the service on the last day due to system errors. With the new Jio Prime last date, customers get 15 more days to join the plan over the original deadline of March 31. Jio Prime members get several benefits on plans with same recharge value, and you can check out our guide about what these are.

Jio Prime plan extended, new ‘Summer Surprise’ offer and everything else to know

Reliance Jio Infocomm has announced over 72 million of its customers have signed up for Jio Prime in one month. The company claims it is “one of the most successful customer privilege programmes anywhere in the world.” Additionally, Reliance Jio has extended the deadline for purchasing its Jio Prime membership plan as well as Rs 303 and other plans till April 15.

Jio extends free service with Summer Surprise offer: What is it and how it works

But we get ourselves, let's take a look at everything Jio announced last night and let's take a closer look at the Summer Surprise offer, which is somewhat confusing at the moment.
Happy New Year offer ends: Well, this one is totally definite. It was supposed to last from January 1 to March 31. So last night, the Happy New Year offer came to an end.
But that is not end of free service: Now, if you woke up today that is April 1, thinking that your Jio SIM for which you have not subscribed to any plan and for which you have also not taken Jio Prime membership will not be working, you are wrong. Go check it. It is still working. You can still leech all the movies you wanted to do using it. You can still browse the web. The reason is that Jio is giving a grace period of 15 days for Jio users who are yet to subscribe to its plans.
Still confused? Here are answers to common questions about the Jio Summer Surprise Offer

If I recharge on the last date, i.e., April 15, will I get free services until then?

Yes, paid services now begin from April 15, which means that the Happy New Year Offer now extends till that date - what is being termed as a "grace period" by Reliance Jio. However, if you enrol in the Jio Prime membership and recharge for a value greater than Rs. 303, services will only become paid after the initial 3 months (from July).

I am a Jio Prime customer but have only made a recharge of less than Rs. 303. Will I still be eligible for Jio Summer Surprise offer?

No. According the fine print provided by Reliance Jio, a Jio Prime customer needs to recharge with the lowest denomination of Rs. 303 prior to April 15 to be able to get through the Jio Summer Surprise Offer. Jio Prime customers who have made a recharge of less than Rs. 303 must still recharge with Rs. 303 to avail the complimentary services for three months until July. So, what happens in July to your original less than Rs. 303 recharge? First, you will get the benefits of the Rs. 303 (or higher) recharge for the period of its validity. In the case of a Rs. 303 or Rs. 499 recharge, you get 28 days validity, and for a Rs. 999 you get 90 days validity, and so forth. After this validity expires, you will get the benefits of your original recharge, for its period of validity - for example, Rs. 19 gets 1 day validity, Rs. 99 gets 7 days validity, and Rs. 149 gets 28 days validity.

I still have time till April 15, so if I sign for Jio Prime on the last day, will I receive the Jio Summer Surprise offer?

Yes, you will be eligible. However, to avoid the the last-day rush and recharge failures, we recommend you subscribe to Jio Prime and make a recharge of Rs. 303 as soon as possible. There is no benefit gained from waiting.
We hope that this guide answers all your questions about the Reliance Jio Summer Surprise Offer. If you have any doubts remaining, let us know in the comments section, and we will answer them as soon as we can.
He also admitted that Jio does have small pockets of congestion on its network, but promised that with expansion of investment the service will improve in the coming months.

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