How To Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile Recently

Hello friends today i sharing with you a awesome trick to find who viewed your profile recently in Facebook with name and profile pictures in Google Chrome. So here's a trick to find people are recently viewed your profile and your details. Special thanks for developer for developing this amazing google chrome extension.

How to know who viewed your facebook profile recently

So here we go,

How to find who recently viewed your profile in Facebook:

Follow these steps to find.

Step: 1

  1. First you need to open your google chrome browser then, you have to open this link in new tab.
  2.  It will show you Flatbook extension in chrome web store, now 
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Step: 2

  1.  After that, you have to Flatbook extension in chrome.
  2. To add click on add to chrome.
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Step: 3

  1. After click on add to chrome you need to click add extension.
  2. After extension installed restart your google chrome browser.
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  1.  Now, open your Facebook Profile.
  2. Then you have to click on sunglasses showed on left sidebar.
  3. It's done.
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It will show you your recently profile views by other peoples.

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