Generate Reliance Jio 4G Sim Barcode for Welcome Offer

Reliance Jio Barcode Generator for Welcome Offer

1] First of all, you will need 4G enabled smartphone & mobile data. Do not use wifi connection (for me it didn’t worked, but it might work for you).

2] Go to play store & download ‘My Jio’ app. It’s almost 15 MB in size.

3] Open it and wait for few seconds. Now it will show a banner at top about ‘jio welcome offer’.

4] Below that, you will find small tab to enter your state & city. Just choose appropriate location.

5] Next it will ask you to enter first name, last name & mobile number. You will receive OTP (one time password) to verify the number you have entered. Step 1 completed!

6] Further, app will prompt you to download JioJoin app (now name changed to Jio4GVoice).After clicking it will redirect to play store. Just install it & grant all the permissions.

7] Open My Jio again & this time you will see coupon code/barcode.

8] That’s show this coupon at Reliance store to receive your free sim.

9] Next part is of activation & many people are finding this step difficult. So to make it simple, we have created separate article on it :
Everything you need to know about Jio Activation Process & Problem Faced

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