[Updated] 4 Tricks to Increase Reliance Jio Download Speed Hack 100% Working

Trick to increase jio speed by 100%
Trick to increase jio speed


Here's Some Tricks To Increase Your Reliance Download & Surfing Speed Easily.

Tricks to Increase Download Speed in Reliance Jio.

1. Changing APN Settings

  1. Go to your mobile settings
  2. Choose Mobile networks option in settings
  3. Then Set Preferred network type to LTE & press back button
  4. After that select Access Point Names (APN)
  5. Now scroll down until you see ‘APN protocol’ option > make it IPv4/IPv6
  6. Then again scroll & select ‘Bearer’ option & choose ‘LTE’.
  7. Now save all the settings.
  8. Then restart your android smart phone.
  9. After your phone on turn on your data.
  10. Then check speed.

2. Only for Rooted Phones

  1. Download 3G/4G Speed Optimizer APK on your android smart phone.
  2. After download install it and open it.
  3. Now in app  Select network speed, choose : 12/28/7 – Max Speed option.
  4. Then click on ‘Apply Tweak’.
  5. After that turn off your phone and restart phone
  6. Now you will see increase in speed.
  7. If not woks use other trick

3. Using Speedify App to Increase Jio Net Speed

  1. They have both version (for android & desktop version)
  2. If you are gonna use Wifi, then  use desktop version else download their android app if you want to increase speed in mobile.
  3. It’s kind of VPN only.
  4. Simply connect to nearest server & enjoy high speed 4G in your Reliance Jio sim.

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4`. Changing Band (Warning!)

  1. Download MTK engineering mode from play store. If you know USSD code to enter into engineering mode, then there’s no need to download app.
  2. Change band to 40 (2300 MHz)
  3. Set FDD-LTE to 1800/850 MHz
  4. (Optional) Further you can also use Speedify to get even more speed.
  5. Save everything & get ready to fly with blazing 4G speed!
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