Best Free Android Emulators for PC - Run Android Apps On PC/Laptop

Best Free Android Emulators for PC - Run Android Apps On PC/Laptop.
Usually some android emulators slows down the system so, we will skip those emulators and only concentrate on the best ones.

Best Free Android Emulators For PC


best free android emulators for pc
Droid4X is one of the best free android emulator for Gaming as well as other apps/android software. It comes with PreInstalled playstore which makes it easier to use. It comes Pre-Rooted which enhances it’s features.
This emulator is almost fully feature loaded with Pre-Installed apps and joystick as well as keyboard within it. It also has features like  Shake device, Take Screenshot, GPS Simulation, Share Folder which are absolutely awesome and beneficial for everyone.
You can control it with your android mobile phone also which means you can use the emulator directly from your android mobile.
You will not find any lags while running it and also you will fall in love with it, If you are a gamer. You can go to their official website for more information.
You can download the software from the following link: [click here]


best free android emulator for pc
Andyroid comes at 2nd number in the list. At the time of launch it had some errors and issues but it has recovered so fastly and now, it is chosen as one of the best free android emulators for pc. This emulator is power packed and you can run almost every android app in your pc. It is a perfect replacement of bluestacks.
You can run it on windows 7,8,8.1,10 smoothly. You can sync your android apps with it and control the emulator with your android phone isn’t it cool? It has desktop push notifications also along with some best features like ARM integration; sensors,camera,microphone integration also which makes it the best.
IT doesn’t has any lagging problems and you can use it for high end gaming too.
You can get more detailed information of it from their official website and Download the latest version of it’s software for free after installing it, you don’t have to look back for others.


best free android emulators for pc
Genymotion is just another android emulator with vast features enabled and also it is free. You can expect best features with it. Made with the sole purpose of app testing but now it is usually used for running android applications.
You can integrate your webcam with it and use it as a camera within the emulator. Genymotion works on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X. So, You can use it on the go with any of the OS you have with you.
It also has GPS support which is a nice plus point, It is  also a good replacement if you no longer need bluestacks.
For  more information you can visit their official website and download genymotion software absolutely free


best free android emulators for pc
Bluestacks is the most famous android device emulator and the best free android emulator for pc. It is fully power packed with constantly updating features on  every update which makes it more awesome.
It is having some most important pre-installed apps and also you can use any apk from your hard disk to run on it. The software is easily found over internet and is vastly available. You can run almost all apps on it and the plus point is that it doesn’t requires much ram and so, You don’t need a high end PC for it but Graphics card are usually a problem.
You can find the best features and more detailed information about bluestacks on their official website and you can download the latest version bluestacksfrom here .


best free android emulators for pc
In the race of best free android emulators for PC, It comes at 5th because of some lagging problems but they are frequent.
Youwave is also very much popular among us and is also a very nice android emulator. It gives you an interface just like an android mobile which makes it easier to use.
Youwave has a cool UI  along with cool features all for free until you go for a premium version which will cost you approximately 29.99$ ad this one is for only 64 bit PC’s but you can easily use it for free too as it doesn’t have any problems.
  • Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU
  • 2.0GB RAM
  • 500MB disk space
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
which would not be a problem because usually all are having these features in their PC.
You can download youwave for free from the following link: [click here] for more information you can visit their official website  so, Here the list ends but we still have some more thing for you all let’s read along for more..

Bonus: android emulator chrome extension:

best free android emulators for pc
ARC welder is a chrome extension which makes it more easier and user friendly to use android apps without any software.
You can use it as a replacement for android emulators and take use of it without any software download. You can find it for free on chrome  webstore by clicking here. It is an awesome initiative and i had personally tested it on many apps and it worked like a charm so, if you have some problems with android emulators,, “we usually have”  so, you can use this web based emulator which is absolutely free and awesome tool.
It is just of 12mb when you download it from chrome web store from the above given link however it is actually of 120mb in size. It is as smooth as butter for utilizing. It is officially launched by Google which tells us all about it’s authenticity and also You can run the zip or apk directly on it within the software.

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