Idea 3G High Speed Free Internet Trick Pc & Android June 2016

Features Of Idea Free Internet Trick -

=> With this trick user can experience the speed upto 1mbps to 2mbps we think its enough because when we don't have to pay anything and getting good speed.
=> No issue of data this idea trick is unlimited means all can download unlimited movies, music, heavy games, online videos, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, apps,  and many more with any limitation of data.

=> Also this idea internet trick is working with torrent site means all hd movies, videos, heavy games can be downloaded very easily.

=> This trick will never gets disconnected until unless you do it from your side as we have seen that capping always happen but this will work fine.

Requirements For Working Of Idea 3G Internet -

=> Idea 3G sim enabled.

=> Balance should be less than one or zero.

=> Some data to avail the trick this is a one time process.

=> Important thing sharp mind to understand each and every point.

How To Avail Idea Free Internet Trick -

For Android Device -

-> First of all download droid vpn app from playstore.

-> After that sign up with necessary details.

-> Now the app will open what you have to do is go to droid vpn settings.

-> Their you have to enter this -

Proxy host-

Port- 3128

Connection Protocol- TCP

Port Settings- TCP > 443

-> After that select http headers and their enter this value -



-> Now click on save the settings will be successfully saved.

-> Select the server from 1 to 6.

-> Open google chrome and connect to the internet and browse whatever you want to.

For Pc/Laptop Users -

1. First of all open your pc after that  connect with a working internet connection.

2. After that install NMD Vpn from here.

3. Than install the config files here.

4. After that move all the config file into nmd vpn folder.

5. After that connect your internet with any medium like modem, etc.

6. Now open google chrome and download whatever you want to do.

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