Wednesday, April 24, 2019

WhatsApp New Features Will Know Information of Unknown Mobile Numbers

How to Trace Mobile Number Location On Google Map with Name, Operator Information [Updated]

Whatsapp keeps adding different types of updates each time to give users a great experience. Whatsapp also gives its users the ability to send essential goods with great messaging speed. But this time, keeping in mind the users' needs, WhatsApp is going to bring together three unique features.

China's ban on WhatsApp, the government does not like its strong encryption

So let's know about these three new updates of WhatsApp.

Mobiles play a crucial role in every individual’s life as they ease our daily routine work. Have you ever imagined your day without a mobile? It’s really impossible and no one even stabs to imagine such a situation. Smartphones have occupied a predominant position as they are contributing for the technological advancement and enhancing the field of communication. Advancement of technology is a benefit to every human, but at the same time it turns into a curse. Usually, mobile is mainly used to communicate with others who are far way from us in an easy and fast way.

Trace Any Mobile Number in the World

If you want to trace any mobile number across the world, you can  use this database where you can get the details of all international mobile phone numbers. Visit the website. You can find a search box where you need to enter the mobile number that you want to trace. Simply click on ‘Analyse’.

1. Websites

Trace mobile number across the world

You will then get details of the traced mobile number that include the following:
  • Type of Phone Number
  • Country
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Other Websites to Trace Mobile Number in the World
Here are some other websites that help you to trace any mobile number online across the world with exact name, operator, and location.
  • Mobile Number Tracker
  • PhoneTrace
  • Mobile Number Locator
  • World Tracker

How to update status will change

Users can still add photos and GIFs to Whatsapp status. But making this feature more fun, Whatsapp has added to the choice of colorful status. Users will get this option in status only.

Users will be bat-bat, Facebook will provide WhatsApp in their app

Zoom will be able to get someone else's DP

Whatsapp users will soon be able to see others' DP zooming. However, this feature is available only for beta users of Whatsapp. But soon this feature will be available to all users.

Now whatsapp will not reach parents

An unknown number will look like the name

2. TrueCaller

Many times users cannot recognize the message when the message comes from the number without saving, in such a way, Whatsapp has added a new feature so that the registered name of the messenger will start appearing.

Truecaller will now identify unknown senders on WhatsApp

Truecaller users can now identify unknown senders on messaging apps, according to the company’s blog post. The feature is only available on Android and can be turned on in the Auto Search Truecaller settings. Once switched on, it identifies unknown numbers from WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and Telegram.
Truecaller also comes with several new features, including the ability to make calls directly from the app; and identify numbers before calling them. It has a built-in dial pad to call people straight from the app.
Next up, is the Smart Call History feature in Truecaller, that will show call history in the app with names instead of the unknown number. Users can copy numbers from anywhere on their phone, email, websites or social media; and Truecaller automatically searches for the number without opening the app.
Truecaller Caller ID works offline too, which means that it will show caller information, even if the person had called in the past. Truecaller will show the Caller ID again even without an Internet connection.

Truecaller’s most recent update brought in features like Smart Call History and Availability. One of the key features of the latest update was the introduction of a dialer app in the main Truecaller app itself. This feature allows you to directly place calls from within the app. The Smart Call History replaces all unknown numbers in your call history with real names and photos from the Truecaller database. The Availability feature shows a green dot and a red beside the contact to tell if they are available or busy respectively, allowing you to chat with them. But the chatting option is only viable if your contacts have Truecaller as well.

Truecaller is now making itself an “identity” platform. A few weeks ago it had announced an SDK that app developers could use to verify the user’s credentials. It partnered with Monster that is now using this feature.


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